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1.       What types of software should be requested through the Technology in the Classroom Subcommittee?

The software request forms are for classroom and lab related software and other software for instructional use - not research or personal software needs.  Only additional licenses to existing software and new instructional software that currently is not installed in the labs should be requested through the software request forms.

2.       Will software that was previously purchased through the Technology in the Classroom Subcommittee (ASAC) automatically be renewed?

 Software that has been approved for purchase by the ASAC in the past will automatically be renewed so that we will always have access to current versions.  A request to update to a newer version can be made through the TSC (, 419-372-0999).   (If additional licenses are needed, an ASAC request will need to be submitted.) 

3.       Do I need to request Windows and Macintosh OS upgrades through Technology in the Classroom Subcommittee?

 Windows and Macintosh operating system upgrades can be requested through the Technology Support Center (TSC) (, 419-372-0999)    when the University officially adopts it.  

4.       Who should fill out the request form?

Software Request forms are to be filled out by faculty that need the software.  The forms will be evaluated by the appropriate chair/director and dean online.  Chairs/directors and deans will be notified via email that a submission was made from their area.  Chairs, directors, and deans do not need to fill out the forms for the software requests.

5.       How do I find out what software is available on campus?

Faculty should consult the following website: : to find out if the software is already installed on campus in the location they need before submitting a request.  Please contact the TSC at or 419-372-0999 if there are further questions.