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Laboratory for Sensory Ecology
Welcome to the LAboratory for Sensory Ecology run by Paul Moore

The Laboratory for Sensory Ecology is a multi-disciplinary laboratory focusing on how organisms acquire and respond to information about their environment. Although we mainly study crustaceans and chemical senses, we are interested in any research at the interfaces between physics, sensory biology, ecology, and behavior. We perform research in a number of different areas and at a range of organizational levels including physics, chemistry, neurobiology, computer simulations, animal behavior, and ecological interactions.

We try to encourage the development of independent thinking and independent projects. My own research interests are broad and my students are free to follow research projects that are important and interesting to them. If you look at our publication list, it is clear that we have worked on a number of different animals. In addition to the independence, the Laboratory for Sensory Ecology is an interactive and collaborative research environment. My main role is to provide an academic environment where people can pursue their scientific interests free of most distractions. We value creativity, free thinking, and hard work above everything else. See the index at the top to find out more about the lab or our current projects.

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