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Discover the magic of the collective arts

 BGSU will break ground for a new arts center. This top-notch facility will provide a richly deserved home to BGSU’s numerous high quality art productions and, in keeping with the University’s academic plan that recognizes “Embracing the Arts” as critical to student development, it will help advance artistic literacy for all students.

The shared vision is for the facility to become a collaborative center for all arts across the University—from live theatrical performance to computer animation and puppetry, from opera and musical theatre to film. Imagine an interdisciplinary arts center where the energy and creativity fostered by working together allows us to become more than the sum of our collective departments, and positions the arts as key to the BGSU experience.

Interdisciplinary effort is the defining element of the center. Students and faculty are excited about the expanded opportunities to work together that will result from being in the same physical space.

If you are interested in learning more about the center, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Cole, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, 419-372-2017, . To make a contribution, please contact the Office of Development, 419-372-2424, .

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