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Endowed funds key to attracting, retaining top faculty

BGSU faculty probe the brain’s physical complexity for clues about the aging process; they test ways to help nature heal itself faster after environmental catastrophes; they develop innovative approaches in the ever more complex and critical world of supply chain management. And they are dedicated and passionate teachers who inspire and mentor their students to lives of service and intellectual discovery.

However, these same qualities make BGSU faculty attractive to other institutions and the private sector. In this competitive environment, increasing financial resources through endowed funds is key to the University’s ability to attract and retain outstanding faculty.

Endowed chairs are meaningful to prospective faculty because they not only provide an attractive salary, but also allow for support of research and scholarly activities. These activities, in turn, raise the caliber of scholarly engagement throughout the University, which makes BGSU a top choice for the best faculty and students.

BGSU’s endowed professors include:
Dr. Sung Bae, Ashel G. Bryan/MidAmerican Bank Professor of Finance

Dr. Patricia Essex, Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting and Management Information Systems

Dr. Timothy Fuerst, Owens-Illinois Professor of Economics

Dr. R. Michael McKay, Patrick and Debra Scheetz Ryan Endowed Professor of Biology

Dr. Doug Neckers, McMaster Distinguished Professor of Photochemistry

Dr. Ralph Haven Wolfe, Gish Professor of Film Studies