BGSU Magazine Fall 2008

Creative powerhouse thrives in top job at TLC


Insatiable curiosity drives multitalented O’Neill

How often is your job performance evaluated? Once or twice a year, perhaps quarterly? For Eileen O’Neill, president and general manager of Discovery Communications’ TLC and 1990 graduate of BGSU’s popular culture master’s degree program, the previous day’s shows are rated by 4:30 p.m. every day–in essence, a daily job review. How’s that for pressure?

With a string of hit shows–“Jon & Kate Plus 8,” “Little People, Big World,” “What Not to Wear,” “American Chopper” and “Trading Spaces”–and more ideas always in the pipeline, O’Neill thrives on the fast-paced, competitive world of television broadcasting. As TLC president and general manager, she leads all key business functions, including development, programming, production, digital media, marketing, research and communications. She works in partnership with advertising sales and affiliate sales to generate revenue and increase the value of the TLC brand.

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