BGSU Magazine Spring 2009

Lifetime Opportunity

Gregg and Jon Carder

NBC selects two brothers for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

“More than jazz, or musical theater, or morbid obesity, television is the true American artform.”
–Kenneth Parcell, from NBC’s hit series “30 Rock”

You may or may not share the sentiment expressed by Kenneth Parcell, the starstruck page on “30 Rock,” but the pervasiveness of television broadcasting touches most of us in some way each day. With “Saturday Night Live,” “The Tonight Show,” the “Today Show” and “NBC Nightly News,” plus a string of hit television shows such as “Heroes,” “The Office” and “Friday Night Lights,” NBC continuously strives to keep its programming at the forefront of American culture.

Now two brothers from BGSU’s visual communication technology program are part of NBC’s leadership efforts as members of the network’s prestigious Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP).

“It is a tremendous honor to be chosen as an OMLP member,” says Gregg Carder ’07. “Each year, NBC chooses just four recent graduates from across the country for this intensive program. We rotate through four operations functions to become leaders capable of meeting the challenges facing GE (General Electric, NBC’s parent company) in the future.”

Since being selected to join OMLP in 2007, Gregg has gained a wide range of management and technical expertise.

This July, Jon Carder joins his brother in the program. He recently completed an internship at NBC and will return after graduating from the visual communications technology program to enter OMLP. He shares his brother’s enthusiasm for working at NBC, saying, “While still a student, I was promoted to a supervisor position for the Olympics Highlights Factory. I worked with a crew of 25 people to edit, review and publish the raw Olympic footage and select highlights for distribution over multiple outlets. It was hectic, stressful, wonderful … and solidified my commitment to pursuing a broadcasting career.”

Both brothers credit the College of Technology’s internship requirement for serving as a catalyst for their success at NBC. Gregg explains, “You certainly gain valuable technical skills while on campus, some of which you don’t even appreciate at the time. However, leaving the classroom and learning to apply these skills in a real-world setting accelerates both your education and ambitions. I tell other BGSU students to make the most of the internship opportunity by really stepping out of your comfort zone to discover the world beyond northwest Ohio.

Jon agrees, stating, “Not only was the NBC experience life changing, but also living in New York was at least as educational and important. The sights, sounds and feeling that there is always something to do creates a dynamic environment that I can’t wait to return to. Students who choose to stay close to home instead of exploring other choices are really limiting their options.”

There is no question that after completing NBC’s Operations Management Leadership Program, both Gregg and Jon Carder will have many options in New York and beyond.

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