BGSU Magazine Summer 2009

The icemen cometh upon 25-year anniversary

1984 National Championship hockey team still legendary

A quarter of a century has slipped by, but in many distant places on the North American continent, in towns like Guelph and Oak Lawn, Rexdale and Medicine Hat, Peterborough and Buffalo Grove, there is no hesitation–the recall is instantaneous.

Mention Bowling Green, and you light the lamp–the 1984 hockey national championship is relived yet again.

“You think 25 years is a long time ago, and people will just forget about it, but that game still comes up all of the time,” says former Falcon Gino Cavallini, who scored the winning goal in the fourth overtime as Bowling Green defeated the top-ranked University of Minnesota-Duluth 5-4 in the longest championship game in NCAA history.

“I remember the pressure just building and building as the game went on, overtime after overtime, and then the incredible feeling of elation and relief when it was finally over, and we won. For all the players and coaches, the University, the Bowling Green community, and really for the hockey world as a whole, that is one of those rare moments that everyone seems to remember.”

Father’s bonds passed on

More than 25 years ago, there started a bond so strong that it has been passed on to the next generation. One of Falcon athletics’ magical eras linked a group of athletes and coaches whose athletic careers at BGSU overlapped in the early 1980s. Today the connection continues, but the bond is extended to their seven daughters, who all are currently students at BGSU.

The close ties between BGSU hockey players Gary Galley, Mike Pikul and Wayne Wilson; hockey assistant coaches Buddy Powers and Terry Flanagan, and soccer coach Gary Palmisano, are the foundation for the incredible “sisterhood” of their daughters.

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