BGSU Magazine Summer 2009

Life Lessons

A call for essays

The essays we received for this issue explore the transformational nature of travel. They focus, each from a uniquely individual perspective, on the true value of travel. And the consensus is–the journey is far more important than the destination. Wanderlust is delicious. Discovery is exhilarating. And each of us returns a bit wiser.

Next issue’s theme: Once in a Blue Moon
The theme for our next issue is Once in a Blue Moon. The expression, which means very rarely, is derived from the infrequency of a blue moon–or second full moon in a single calendar month. We’re asking our readers to share with us their blue moon moments–those “what are the chances?” events that can present everything from an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to a great story. Please keep the length of your submission to 500 words or less. The submission deadline is Sept. 25.

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