BGSU Magazine Spring 2010

Breezes, blooms and bulldozers

Spring brings campus building boom

This year, spring didn’t just bring warm breezes, budding trees and blooming flowers to BGSU; it also brought the arrival of heavy equipment and construction fences.

Demolition began on Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternities and Rodgers Quadrangle to make room for the new South-Central residence Hall. A parking lot near Offenhauer Towers was removed to make room for the new Northwest Residence Hall.

Scheduled to open in fall 2011, both new residence halls will be designed to provide a more personalized experience for students. There will be smaller clusters of rooms combined with spaces for socializing, studying and living, along with improved technology and amenities.

The new buildings are part of the University’s overall strategic plan that will result in campus having a significantly livelier look and feel within the next few years. Residence halls will be more integrated with academic buildings and dining enters more of a destination–resulting in greater “cross-traffic” as students and faculty move about the campus in their daily lives.

Ceremonies close familiar buildings, mark beginning of new era

Special ceremonies were held to recognize the closing of three familiar campus buildings and to mark the start of a new master plan for residence halls.

BGSU hosted separate events in January and February for alumni affiliated with Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternities and Rodgers Quadrangle. Alumni gathered to reminisce about their times on campus and reconnect with roommates, friends and brothers. The ceremonies were held prior to the buildings being demolished to make way for the new Northwest Residence and South-Central residence Halls.

*Correction to previously published article: The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity was demolished to make room for the new South-Central Residence Hall. In addition, a special ceremony for alumni affiliated with Sigma Phi Epsilon was held prior to demolition.