Share your 'great ideas' on new campus Web site

Challenging times call for creative thinking and good sense, and who better to look to at BGSU than those most familiar with the University? That is the premise of the University’s new Great Ideas Web site.

The primary goals of the site are to help BGSU
• Retain and recruit students 
• Reduce costs
• Generate new revenue sources

Launched on Dec. 19 and hosted by the president’s office, the Great Ideas site has already received a number of suggestions. Each person making a suggestion will receive a direct response. Human Resources is responsible for forwarding suggestions to the appropriate person or office.

A synopsis of the suggestions and responses will be posted about every two weeks, perhaps generating additional ideas and conversation.

The collective wisdom and experience of the campus are sure to produce some creative and common-sense results. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to participate—every suggestion will be explored.

Note: Soon after the site was posted, it was discovered that there were technical problems, and some submissions may have been lost. If you submitted a response but have not heard back within a week or so from now, please resubmit.

To share your own great idea and to view others’, visit

January 12, 2009