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Jackson tickets gone; see speech on closed-circuit TV

No tickets remain for the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s speech Thursday (Jan. 25) in the Lenhart Grand Ballroom of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union.

However, the speech can be seen via closed-circuit broadcast in the Union Theater, Multi-purpose Room (Room 228) and the Falcon’s Nest Food Court. Admission to those areas will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

The 1,000 free tickets required for seating in the ballroom were claimed by 2 p.m. Jan. 16—the first day they were available.

The Rev. Jackson, a former assistant to Dr. Martin Luther King, will discuss the late civil rights leader in his address, “Honoring His Dream … Making It Our Reality.” The program will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Volunteer for Presidents' Day

Volunteers are still needed to help host the Presidents' Day open house Feb. 19.

Information and a sign-up link are available at

The sign-up link is on the upper left-hand side of the volunteer home page.

Learn more about PeopleSoft FMS on Web site

Preparations continue for the Feb. 5 go-live of BG@100 PeopleSoft Financial Management Solutions (FMS) as the University’s financial system.

Information is being disseminated at training sessions and may also be found through links on the BG@100 project Web site:

The available FMS information includes:

Agency/Org-DCC Cross Reference - A reference to the Department Cost Centers (DCC) numbers to be used by each budget in FMS in place of the current agency/org number.

Important Dates before the Go-Live - - The weeks prior to FMS go-live will be filled with preparation for conversion. This Web page provides a reference to significant dates during which systems may undergo changes or outages in order to complete necessary preparations.

Quick Reference - For those who have completed FMS training, the page provides a reminder of the steps required to complete processes such as Creating a Blanket Requisition, Creating a Multi-line Requisition, etc.

Role Assignment - Links to an Excel and pdf listing of the Requester, Budget Administrator, Senior Administrator and vice president for each budget.

Questions or requests for further details regarding BG@100 FMS may be directed to:

January 22, 2007