Albert Colom to take reins of enrollment management

Albert Colom, the University’s new vice provost for enrollment management, brings broad experience and a comprehensive vision to the challenge of creating a strategic enrollment plan for BGSU. Colom begins his duties here this week.

Albert Colom

“I want to help take BGSU to the next level of educational excellence,” said Colom, who comes to Bowling Green from Oklahoma State University, where he has been vice president for enrollment management since 2006.

“Enrollment is critical to BGSU’s success and our number one priority,” President Carol Cartwright said. "With his extensive background in strategic enrollment management, Albert is well prepared to lead and energize our efforts."
In this new BGSU position, Colom will join the Academic Affairs leadership team and will be responsible for all new and continuing student enrollment strategies, including graduate and undergraduate student recruitment, admissions and retention, financial aid, registration and records, scholarships and tuition discounting, advising and academic success, and international and multicultural student enrollment, along with initiatives for BGSU Firelands and adult degree-completion and distance-learning programs.
“This is a very important role for the future of the University,” said Dr. Mark Gromko, interim provost. “We’re delighted that we found such a talented person.”
Colom said his vision of enrollment management is holistic and takes into account “the entire life cycle of the student. It begins before they’re enrolled and continues on until they become donors.

“My philosophy is that strong retention is effective recruitment.”

BGSU is not alone in its current enrollment and retention challenges, Colom said. “Unfortunately, the declining economy and the impact on education is being felt by colleges and universities everywhere.

“It’s going to take a lot of hard work and a little bit of sacrifice” to get back where the University wants to be and sustain that, but he is confident it can be done by bringing people together, he said, adding, “I want to invigorate our process.”

Colom said he is eager to get started. “I look forward to meeting with the faculty to hear their ideas and issues and concerns, and with the students to hear their description of the BG experience, and with the staff,” he said.

“I’m also a strong proponent of the town-gown relationship,” Colom said. “I want to let everyone know I will be calling on them.”

The input will all go into the formation of a strategic enrollment plan for the University. “It’s a transformative process. We want to see continuing growth through the hard times so that when we resurface from this economic situation two or four or six years from now, we come out solidly and sustainably.

“It will be important to add students at a level that will enable us to maintain the excellence in education that BGSU has always enjoyed. It’s stitching together the quilt that is BGSU,” he said. “It’s fun. It’s what I love to do.”

Before joining Oklahoma State, Colom filled a variety of enrollment management roles at other large, public institutions including Florida Atlantic University and the University of South Florida.   

He received a bachelor’s degree in international studies, a master’s in educational leadership, and was a doctoral candidate in higher education administration, all at the University of South Florida.

January 26, 2009