IDEI to co-host Civic Education Conference in Marrakech, Morocco

The International Democratic Education Institute (IDEI) at BGSU, in cooperation with the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, will conduct a two-day conference this week to consider the implications of the recommendations from King Mohammed VI’s School and Civic Conduct Symposium last spring.

“Civic Attitudes in Practice” will be held in Marrakech, Morocco, tomorrow and Wednesday (Jan. 29 and 30), bringing together international experts in civic education to share their experience with about 100 Moroccan policy-makers and educators, as well as kicking off the Civic Education Partnership Initiative (CEPI) program’s materials-development and teacher-education activities. CEPI is a program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Middle East Partnership Initiative in cooperation with the Higher Education for Development program office.

BGSU presenters for the conference are IDEI Director Dr. Alden Craddock and Dr. Nancy Patterson, both School of Teaching and Learning, along with Dr. Jane Rosser, director of service-learning at BGSU. Additional presenters will include members of the Moroccan Ministry of Education, the U.S. Embassy in Morocco and educators from six other nations.     

The conference will consist of specialized sessions developed to suit the interests and needs of the different Moroccan participant groups. Ultimately, an educational “white paper” on civic education in Morocco will be produced to assist and guide the conduct and development of the other components of the CEPI program.

“This conference allows us a unique opportunity to showcase the specific programs and activities of the CEPI program by bringing together students, parents, teachers, university faculty and Ministry of Education officials to discuss civic education,” Craddock said. “I believe that the involvement of the various constituent groups will allow for maximum transparency of the goals and objectives set forth by CEPI and greatly assist in the development of curricular materials that will be beneficial to all levels of Moroccan education.”

By the end of the two-day conference, cooperating partners in CEPI will have shared international expertise to assist with the implementation of the plans of the Moroccan Ministry of Education and the wishes of the king.

January 28, 2008