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BG@100 open forum to focus on ‘The Student Life Cycle’

The BG@100 Project Team has announced a series of presentations titled “The Student Life Cycle,” to be offered at BG@100 open forums in February.

The series will follow a student progressing through the BG@100 PeopleSoft Campus Solutions System (CSS). The presentations will provide participants insight into the process from the perspective of the student as well as that of a BGSU faculty or staff member.

First in the series is “Prospect to Applicant,” at 1:30 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 5) in 315 Bowen-Thompson Student Union. The session will focus on what happens when a prospective student contacts the University, and how prospect data in CSS may be viewed. Following are the steps a student takes to become an applicant and the availability of this data in CSS.

All faculty, staff and students are invited to attend. In addition to the presentation, project team members will be available to answer questions regarding BG@100 and the CSS implementation. Further information about the BG@100 project to implement CSS as the system of record for student administration is available at:

‘Go-live’ of PeopleSoft explained at town hall meeting

With the implementation of PeopleSoft, the campus has heard many announcements about “go-lives,” another of which will be accomplished Feb. 4-8 by the BG@100 Project Team. To help explain what a “go-live” is and what it means for employees and their role within the University, a town hall meeting has been scheduled for Thursday (Feb. 5).  
During the February go-live, the BG@100 Project Team will convert from the current system to PeopleSoft more than 5 million rows of enrollment data, dating as far back as 1940. Once this is completed, a Student Center and a Faculty Center will be available within MyBGSU, and the Residential Management System will be ready for use on the Web for on-campus housing registration and meal plan selection. The town hall meeting will demonstrate these new features and outline the impact of all the February go-live activities.   
Everyone is invited to attend the hourlong session at 11 a.m. in 113 Olscamp Hall. It will also be teleconferenced to BGSU Firelands in 1003 Cedar Point Center.
Additional details about the BG@100 project are available at the project Web site:

Volunteers to provide retirement process counseling

Due to budget cuts, the human resources office stopped offering extended retirement assistance the first of the year.

Before her retirement, Diana Shamp provided this service, which helped successfully launch many BGSU employees into retirement. Shamp, now Bowling Green State University Retirees Association (BGSURA) secretary, along with fellow retirees Paul Lopez, Harold Lunde and Christine Sexton, have offered to continue a restructured form of this process as a BGSURA service.

They will be able to go over the forms needed, talk about the various payment plans, point out some available options and help to navigate the pile of paperwork. While the retirement information volunteers won't be able to file the completed forms as human resources did in the past or have access to personal employment information, they will be able to help individuals do this for themselves.

Those who need help getting started with the retirement paperwork process for either OPERS or STRS can call the BGSURA office at 2-9696 or email and leave a name and a phone number where they can be reached during the day and early evening. One of the volunteers will be in touch to schedule a time to meet and begin the process.

Childfree by Choice group holds biweekly meetings

The recently formed Childfree by Choice support group is holding regular meetings the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Sessions are from 6-7 p.m. in the Women’s Center, 108 Hanna Hall.

Childfree refers to anyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity who chooses not to bear or raise children for a variety of reasons. The group provides a supportive environment to those who have made the conscious decision to remain childfree to discuss individual life choices, reproductive freedoms and struggles.

For more information, call Jodi Thomas, 2-2081.

February 2, 2009