Student headcount reflects changes in scholarships, budgeting

The state’s 15-day report is in, and shows BGSU’s enrollment down about 600 students from last spring. BGSU has 19,343 students, down from 19,951 at this time last year. In 2006, the University’s 15-day headcount showed the campus at 20,041 students.

The drop was anticipated by University officials following modifications to several scholarship programs, said Dr. Alberto Gonzalez, vice provost for academic services. “We wanted to build stronger budget integrity and also see if we could stretch our dollars to cover greater numbers of qualified students,” he added. The freshman scholarships for fall 2008 now cover a greater range of ACT scores and high school grade point averages.

The University also plans to increase the numbers of master’s level students taking off-campus courses. 

BGSU expects numbers to be back up in the 20,000-21,000 range next fall, Gonzalez said.

February 4, 2008