February 6, 2006

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State of the University
President Sidney Ribeau (left) chats with Naomi Lee, assistant athletic director (center), and Janna Blais, senior woman athletic administrator, before giving his State of the University address.

Hold fast to 'distinctive mission,' president tells University

In his 11th State of the University address to the campus Feb. 3, President Sidney Ribeau offered a perspective on the relative value placed by the government on higher education and the waging of war.

Commenting on a report in the day’s news that the United States is spending about $4.5 billion a month on the war in Iraq, or about $100,000 per minute, and about $800 million a month in Afghanistan, or about $18,000 a minute, while universities in Ohio are “scrapping and struggling to get just a small increase in funding” for the state’s 40 educational institutions, Ribeau said, “The balance of the scales is a little odd.”

Noting that Ohio institutions are asking for about $1 million more apiece while the federal government recently cut $14.5 billion from the national student loan program, he said, “I think we would get a greater return on our money in the quality of life by spending more on education than we do on war.”

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