Community partnerships launched at grant announcement

Partnerships for Community Action (PCA) and the Center for Innovative and Transformative Education will announce the winners of nearly $52,000 in grants during the 11th annual grant launch on Friday (Feb. 15).

The event will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Lenhart Grand Ballroom of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. The program will include the announcement of the 2008 grant recipients and an informational booth on Creative Commons alternative copyright licenses. Last year’s grant winners will be present to share their accomplishments.

“The launch is a way to bring a lot of people together from various fields, interests and needs. It opens up the possibility and opportunity for engagement in community action and partnership activity,” said Patrick Vrooman, interim assistant director of PCA.

This year’s theme is “Experiencing Mutualism,” an idea that Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Shirley Baugher will capture during the reading of one of her poems, according to Dr. Kathy Farber, PCA director.

Vrooman explained that, in biology, mutualism is a symbiotic relationship in which both organisms benefit. Mutualism is the backbone for the partnership support and dissemination grants, designed to create mutually beneficial partnerships between University and community members.

The 13 projects that will be funded this year are:

• Access BG, co-directed by Kate Collins, Chapman Learning Community; Richard Hoffman, Partners in Context and Community; Jan Kilbride of Toledo Public Schools, and Pat Lewinski of Libbey Humanities Academy, awarded $5,000.

• Adelante-BGSU Latino Community Media Project, co-directed by Dr. Reuben Viramontez Anguiano, family and consumer sciences, and Sonia Troche of Adelante, awarded $5,000.

• Arts Enterprise for New Orleans, co-directed by Nathaniel Zeisler, music performance studies; Claudia Barker of New Orleans Outreach, and Christopher Genteel and Pamela Jenkins of the University of Michigan, awarded $5,000.

• Community Action for Promoting Conservation Awareness in Elementary Education, co-directed by Dr. Gabriela Bidart-Bouzat, biological sciences; Barbara Guthrie of Birmingham Elementary School (Toledo), and Mitchell Magdich and Dr. Peter Tolson of the Toledo Zoo, awarded $4,000.

• Encouraging Young Adult Leadership, co-directed by Pamela J. Colbert-Brumbaugh of United Way of Erie County and Dr. Andrew Kurtz of BGSU Firelands, awarded $2,000.

• Expect Respect Council: “There’s No Excuse for Abuse,” co-directed by Dr. Emily M. Hinnov of BGSU Firelands and Michele McCormick of the Safe Harbor Domestic Violence Shelter, awarded $4,820.

• Interfaith Dialogue as a Vehicle for Understanding and Peace, co-directed by Dr. Thomas Klein, professor emeritus of English; Dr. Bob Midden, director of the Chapman Learning Community; Srini Srinivasan of the MultiFaith Council, and Joe Zielinski of the MultiFaith Council and Owens Community College, awarded $4,520.

• Journalism PACT—Partners in Active Citizenship Today, co-directed by Drs. Catherine Cassara-Jemai, Smeeta Mishra and Kelly Taylor, journalism; and Joseph P. Boyle Jr., Tony Brashear, Barbara Johnson and Jeffery Hiestand of Rogers High School (Toledo), awarded $5,000.

• Latino Relationships: Sexuality, Health and Quality of Life, co-directed by Drs. Sandra Faulkner and Radhika Gajjala, interpersonal communication, and Sonia Troche of Adelante, awarded $2,000.

• Sculpture in the Garden, co-directed by Greg Mueller, art, and Michelle T. Grigore, city of Bowling Green, awarded $2,000.

• Singing to the Tune of Early Literacy, co-directed by Dr. Nancy Sugden, music education; Kathleen Newman, Office of Service-Learning; Kathy East of the Wood County District Public Library; Jessica Fausnaugh, Wood County Corps/Library; Diane Roberts, WSOS Head Start, and Anita Serda of the Perrysburg Heights Community Association, awarded $4,625.

• Wood County Gift Exchange, co-directed by Judy Kiser, social work; Dr. Laura Landry-Meyer, family and consumer sciences, and Susan McKinney, Wood County Gift Exchange, awarded $3,000.

• Youth Leadership Advocates: Building Adult Capacity to Support Engaged Youth, co-directed by Dr. Jane Rosser, director of service-learning at BGSU, and Kathy Schnapp and Cathy Sperling of the Community Partnership, awarded $5,000.

February 11, 2008