BGSU's Kinstle cited as 'great teacher of chemistry'

Dr. Thomas Kinstle, who was named a Distinguished Teaching Professor of chemistry at BGSU in 2004, has now received similar recognition on a national level.

Dr. Thomas Kinstle
Dr. Thomas Kinstle
Kinstle, a Bowling Green faculty member since 1971, is cited as a “great teacher” in the winter 2006 issue of Chemistry, the journal of the American Chemical Society. The journal is distributed to 150,000 ACS members worldwide.

“The best chemistry teachers go the extra mile in encouraging their students to achieve, expecting and receiving excellence from their pupils in exams and coursework,” and Kinstle is such a teacher, according to an article titled “Some of the Great Teachers of Chemistry.”

“I think he really just loves to teach, and that’s what makes him so wonderful at it,” says Dr. Ina Manea of BGSU’s Wright Photoscience Laboratory. “He was my teacher 10 years ago and he was such an inspiration.”

Kinstle, whose Ph.D. is from the University of Illinois, has mentored many students during his 35 years at BGSU. Among them was David Roberts, a 1999 graduate who earned a prestigious Goldwater Scholarship in 1998 for his work in cancer research.

The Chemistry article also notes the late Dr. George Hammond as a “legendary teacher” and “pioneering photochemist.” Hammond, who died last October, was a McMaster Senior Fellow in BGSU’s Center for Photochemical Sciences from 1989-2003.

“Not only did his own students launch the modern discipline of organic photochemistry, but he strove for a broader impact on organic chemistry with a renovated curriculum that became known as the Hammond curriculum,” the article adds.
February 13, 2006