Be prepared for emergency communications test

The campus is gearing up for the test of emergency communication methods on March 12.

In addition to campuswide emails from the BGSU Police and text messages from AlertBG, a number of other means will be tested, including something new. The University now can change the background of the PCs in the computer labs to display the emergency message.

All the March 12 messages will state that it is only a test, not a real emergency.

This will not be a test of the campus’s actual emergency preparedness but only of our ability to communicate, the crisis committee emphasizes. The committee will send out a survey afterward to help determine how effective and timely each method was.

For those who have registered for AlertBG text messages on their cell phones, the test will be an opportunity to see what an emergency message looks like and from what number it is sent.

As of last Tuesday (Feb. 26), an additional 180 people had signed up for AlertBG service since Feb. 15, following the incident at Northern Illinois University. The total number of enrollees as of Feb. 26 was 3,943.

To sign up, log in to MyBGSU on the home page and then click on the AlertBG tab, to the right of the Welcome tab at the top of the page. Be sure to validate when you receive the confirmation email or text message from e2Campus, the service provider, in order to complete the process. The Technology Support Center, 2-0999, can assist with signing up.

Ongoing efforts
In addition to testing emergency communications, the campus continues to undergo crisis preparedness training. A number of offices have viewed the training video “Shots Fired,” designed by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, according to Rebecca Ferguson, assistant vice president for human resources. Faculty and staff interested in the training should contact the Office of Human Resources, 2-8421.

The crisis committee also meets regularly and collaborates with city fire and police officials.

March 3, 2008