BGSU in the News

Once again, work by BGSU photochemical scientists is receiving worldwide media attention. A paper by Drs. Pavel Anzenbacher and Manuel Palacios was published March 8 in the prestigious journal Nature Chemistry.

The article, “Polymer Nanofibre Junctions of Attoliter Volume Serve as Zeptomol-scale Chemical Reactors,” can be viewed at

In the same issue, a story appeared about the research, “Miniaturization: Chemistry at the Crossroads,” by Andrew J. deMello and Robert C.R. Wootton.

The New York Times was one of the media outlets reporting on the BGSU research. In the March 9 Science section, Henry Fountain wrote an article titled “With Fibers, Chemical Reactions on a Tiny Scale”:

In a chemical plant, the typical reaction vessel is a glass or stainless steel chamber that can hold a volume of reactants, from tens to thousands of liters.

But imagine a reactor that is smaller—much smaller, with a volume far less than a nanoliter, or a billionth of a liter. That’s the idea being developed by Pavel Anzenbacher Jr. and Manuel A. Palacios of Bowling Green State University in Ohio. In a reactor of that size, potentially just a handful of molecules could combine.

For the entire Times story, visit

Among others reporting on Anzenbacher and Palacios’s findings were:

• Chemistry World: “Polymer Crossroads Act as Tiny Reactors,” by Nina Notman, published online March 8 at:

• Chemical and Engineering News: “Miniaturization: Attoreactors from Nanofibers,” by Rachel Petkewich, published online March 9 at:

• Technology Review: “Nanofibers Power Attoscale Chemistry: A New Way to Perform Experiments Using Just Thousands of Molecules,” by Katherine Bourzac, published March 10 at

Last year, an article about research in Anzenbacher’s lab that appeared in the journal ChemComm also received international attention. The research was on a novel approach to detecting dangerous heavy metals in water sources.

March 16, 2009