Tornado siren test scheduled Wednesday

A test of the tornado warning sirens, along with other Wood County sirens, will occur at 9:50 a.m. Wednesday (March 26).This is only a test intended to verify that the tornado warning systems are working properly. In addition to outdoor tornado sirens on and near campus, some buildings have internal tornado warning systems that will also be activated at this time; these buildings are the Administration Building, Conklin West, Eppler Complex, Founders, Perry Field House, Harshman, Kohl, Offenhauer Towers, Olscamp Hall, the Psychology Building and the Sebo Center.
Be sure to listen for the sirens during this test period. If you do not hear the March 26 test, email the building name and room number where you were during the test.
This is an opportunity to find tornado shelter locations that are listed on tornado posters in each building. You are encouraged to follow the example of some departments that use this annual test to conduct a tornado drill and seek a tornado shelter. Drills will highlight communication needs or other challenges that need to be addressed to help building occupants respond to an actual tornado warning.
If you have questions regarding the test, contact Environmental Health and Safety at 2-2171. For more information about tornadoes and tornado safety at BGSU, see For shelter locations on the main campus, visit

March 24, 2008