BGSU promotes 39 faculty members

The board of trustees promoted 11 faculty members to full professor and 28 others to associate professor at its March 23 meeting.

Faculty promoted to associate professor were also granted tenure by the trustees.

Among the 11 who have now reached the rank of full professor are two each from the departments of biological sciences and English, and the School of Leadership and Policy Studies (LPS). Drs. Robert Huber and R. Michael McKay were promoted in biology; Drs. Simon Morgan-Russell and Sharona Muir in English, and Drs. Craig Mertler and Rachel Vannatta in LPS, which is in the College of Education and Human Development. Morgan-Russell is also an associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Also promoted to professor were Dr. Franklin Goza, sociology; Dr. Louisa Ha, telecommunications/School of Communication Studies; Dr. Dwayne Gremler, marketing; Dr. David Harnish, musicology/composition/theory, and Dr. Salim Elwazani, visual communication and technology education.

Receiving tenure along with promotion to associate professor were, by college:
College of Arts and Sciences—Dr. Katherine Bradshaw, journalism/School of Communication Studies; Drs. E. Ernesto Delgado, Beatrice Guenther and Lynn Pearson, all romance languages; Dr. Neil Englehart, political science; Dr. Andrew Hershberger and Loraine Young, both School of Art; Dr. Erin Labbie, English; Dr. Sridevi Menon, ethnic studies; Dr. Karen Root, biological sciences; Dr. Andrew Schocket, history; Marcus Sherrell, theatre and film, and Dr. David Shoemaker, philosophy.

College of Business Administration—Dr. Michael Carroll, economics; Dr. Jane Chang, applied statistics and operations research, and Dr. Senthil Muthusamy, management.

College of Education and Human Development—Drs. Savilla Banister and Alden Craddock, both School of Teaching and Learning; Drs. Mark Earley, Judith May and Judith Zimmerman, all School of Leadership and Policy Studies; Drs. Randall Leite and Ruben Viramontez Anguiano, both School of Family and Consumer Sciences, and Dr. Phillip Xie, School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies.

Firelands College—Dr. N. William Liu, natural and social sciences.

College of Health and Human Services—Drs. Timothy Brackenbury and Rodney Gabel, both communication disorders.

College of Musical Arts—Charles Saenz, music performance studies.

March 26, 2007