Retiree Joe Baker, former director of the BGSU greenhouse, is congratulated by President Carol Cartwright for his 35 years with the University. Behind them, Patrick Fitzgerald (back left) and Alan Bowe (center), both of WBGU-PBS, are greeted by colleagues.

Retiree Joe Baker, former director of the BGSU greenhouse, is congratulated by President Carol Cartwright for his 35 years with the University. Behind them, Patrick Fitzgerald (back left) and Alan Bowe (center), both of WBGU-PBS, are greeted by colleagues.

Employee dedication marked at reception

Longtime employees were the guests of honor April 2 at a reception recognizing them for their years of service to the University at the 15-, 20-, 25-, 30- and 35-year levels. Also honored were retirees from this year.

Topping the list, with 35 years at BGSU, were Alan Bowe and Patrick Fitzgerald, both WBGU-PBS; Charles Dicken, Information Technology Services (ITS), and Mary Hennings, Continuing and Extended Education.

30 years
Terri Brooks, dining services central office; Debra Clink, ITS; Suzanne Fahrer, Student Financial Aid; Sharon Franklin, design and construction; Gail Godwin, Scott Guthrie, Lawrence Heinze, Violet Jacobs and Patricia Miller, all facilities services; Debra Helm, Office of the Dean of Students; Mark Henning and Deborah Lowry, both WBGU-PBS; Linda Kidd, athletics; Sharon Lee, Nancy Posey and Sheila Rahe, all bursar’s office; Lori Lenke, registrar’s office; Gregory Predmore, recreational sports; Robert Smith, materials handling; Linda Swaisgood, College of Technology; David Swartz, University Libraries, and David Weekley, public safety.

25 years
Gloria Carty, Elizabeth Gaulke, James Lein, Thomas Rutter, Linda Tyson and Bradley Woessner, all facilities services; Lisa Chavers, Graduate College; Joetta Crupi, BGSU Firelands; Kerry Diehl, Carol Hague and Mary Alice Newnam, all admissions; Janet Emch, dining services central office; Janice Finn and Mary Lynn Pozniak, both academic enhancement; Susan Frost, graduate studies in business; Virginia Garner, ITS; Denise Grigson, bursar’s office; Jeffrey Grilliot, development; Trina Hagemyer and Andrew Wickiser, both psychology department; Christine Hess, biological sciences; Gail McRoberts, Graduate College; Conrad McRoberts, institutional research; Susan Perkins, health services; Beverly Stearns, University Libraries, and Denise Van De Walle, athletics.

20 years
Lawrence Bateson, public safety; Dianne Bloom, ITS; Robert Boucher and Cathy Van Scoyoc, both design and construction; Katherine Dieterich, public safety; Mary Dilsaver, Social Philosophy and Policy Center; Kelly Dove, economics department; Joy Engle, Raymond Enriquez, Anna Estrada, Patricia Getz, Monica Jones, Matthew Minnick, Scott Morningstar, Kay Van Vorce, Amanda Walliser and Daniel Wygant, all facilities services; Yolanda Flores, Center for Multicultural and Academic Initiatives; Judith Foos, bursar's office; Mary Garmenn, Linda Grimm, Sheryl Hardwick, Joanna Kleman, Susan Sadoff, Betty Stemen and Bonnie Trout, all dining services central office; Carol Gill and Donna Pulschen, both registrar’s office; Robert Graham and Kathy Moore, both University Libraries; Dorothy Grassley and Christine Spence, both Graduate College; Janet Hammersmith, College of Education and Human Development student services; Carol Holland and Karen Weber, both Bowen-Thompson Student Union; Anna Hoyt, alumni office; Peggy Jarrett, accounting/MIS; Ann Light and Karen Schwab, both Continuing and Extended Education; Douglas Martin, chemistry department; Cynthia McNutt, WBGU-PBS; Jane Myers, athletics; Karen Osterling, BGSU Firelands; Yolanda Patton, human services department; Robert Peralez and Mark Reef, both public safety; Shannon Richards, Ice Arena; Anita Serda, Canadian Studies Program; Mary Shiple and Phyllis Short, both ITS; Shirley Summersett, business office; Tamyra Thomas, Office of the Dean of Business Administration; Barbara Waddell, provost’s office, and Jodi Webb, Office of the Dean of Students.

15 years
Kathryn Baltz, psychology department; Diana Beaverson, dining services central office; Margaret Berger, Julie Hamann, Scott Lizzi and Amy McKinley, all BGSU Firelands; Barbara Berta, computer science; Cecilia Castellano, admissions; Lisa Cesarini, academic enhancement; Charles Downard, technology systems; Andrew Fuller and Sue Tomor, both ITS; Susan Gladieux, Career Center; Marilyn Hamman, shuttle services; Irene Harris and Laura Straley, both Graduate College; Stanley Lewis, Continuing and Extended Education; David Nagel, Ice Arena; Rachel Schaeffer, registrar’s office; Jane Steinert, School of Art; Catherine Swick, Student Recreation Center; Janice Wasserman, Office of Equity and Diversity, and DeeDee Wentland, history department.

Retirees recognized at the reception were Joseph Baker, biological sciences, with 35 years; Judith Ackerman, Human Resources; Larry Holland, physical plant; Joseph Luthman, ITS, and Cathy Smith, accounting/MIS, all with 30 years; Roberta Kane, Ice Arena, and Debra Weirauch, University Libraries, both with 25 years; Carol Sima, BGSU FIrelands, with 20 years, and Nancy Greenleaf, Division of Teaching and Learning, with 15 years at BGSU.

April 6, 2009