BGSU theatre, film students to benefit from alum-arranged donation

Thanks to the efforts of an alumnus, the theatre and film department has received a generous donation of top-of-the-line lighting equipment.  

Included in the donation are 24 theatrical lighting units, called “AutoYokes,” that can be programmed to move and change color automatically. The department also received four “Tomcat Swing Wing” trusses, which can be mounted to the ceiling to hold the lights. Each piece of equipment is worth thousands of dollars, new or used; the value of the entire donation may be near $50,000.

The equipment came to BGSU courtesy of alumnus Shaun Moorman, who is also a former theatre and film staff member. Moorman is currently serving as company manager for the national touring production of “Mamma Mia!” The production recently upgraded its lighting equipment, and Moorman arranged both for the donation of the used fixtures and trusses, and to pay the costs of transporting them to BGSU.

The donation is important not only for Bowling Green students studying acting and working on the stage, but also for theatre technicians who are studying to work behind the scenes. They will have access to cutting-edge technology—equipment much more sophisticated than the standard lighting units with which they typically work. As a result, when they graduate, BGSU theatre technicians will be more experienced and better prepared to move directly to a professional or semi-professional theatrical organization.

Moorman and the national tour of “Mamma Mia!” will pass through the area this summer with a stop at the Stranahan Theater in Toledo June 16-21. Ticket information is available from the theater at 419-381-8851.

April 6, 2009