BG1 Card to become more important on campus

An important change is coming to the way in which students pay for the things they buy on campus.

BiG Charge and bursaring of campus purchases and donations will end for students on May 4, the last day of spring semester. But students can still easily purchase items and campus services using their BG1 Card, which is also their BGSU photo ID. The change occurred for employees in January.

With the BG1 Card’s “stored-value” feature, students and employees can deposit money on the card to be used for purchases on campus and at participating off-campus locations. Then, the purchase amount is simply deducted from that account.

Purchasing with the BG1 Card is convenient, fast and secure. The card is easy to use and will be accepted at most places on campus where purchases are made, from the bookstore to dining centers, Wendy’s™ and Starbucks™, the Student Recreation Center and department and college locations. Cash, debit cards, credit cards and checks will still be accepted everywhere they previously have been.

Fees for such things as library fines, broken lab equipment and traffic tickets will not be deducted from BG1 accounts. Those charges will be applied to students’ bursar accounts.

The new system will require users to prepare a bit more in advance. Students should make sure they have enough money on their BG1 Card to cover all purchases they expect to make with the card.

Students can put money on their stored-value BG1 Card account at various locations around campus:

• In the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, at the Card Services Center in the bookstore or at the Account Management Center machine (similar to an ATM) next to the Information Desk;
• In the Student Recreation Center, at the Account Management Center machine;
• Over the phone, at 372-4127;
• By fax, at 372-4364;
• By mail addressed to the BG1 Card Services Center, BGSU,
• And, coming soon, online.

The Account Management Center machines accept cash or credit cards to put money on stored-value BG1 Card accounts, and also can be used to check BG1 Card balances. The Card Services Center in the union accepts cash, personal checks, credit cards and debit cards for adding funds to BG1 Card accounts. Money put on the card is instantly available for purchases on campus and at participating off-campus locations.

Users can also check their BG1 Card balances online at the BG1 Card site, and eventually will be able to view transactions online as well.

Families can add money to their students’ BG1 stored-value accounts using any of the methods above.

Money deposited on the BG1 Card will roll over until a student’s last semester at BGSU.

Additional BG1 Card features are planned for the coming year.

For more information, visit the BG1Card Web site at or call 2-4127.

Student organizations have free use of BG1 Card readers
Student organizations will be able to conduct their fund-raising activities using the BG1 Card system. BG1 Card reader equipment will be available to them to process transactions when they sell items or collect donations. Clubs and organizations will have immediate access to all the money raised, and will receive detailed records they can use to plan future fund-raising.

There is no charge for use of the readers or for processing transactions. The Office of Campus Involvement will coordinate the use of the equipment. For information, call 372-2343.

Also coming soon is a new, secure e-commerce Web site that clubs and organizations can use to promote their programs, collect donations and sell items. This will be a valuable addition to existing fund-raising means as it simplifies collections and provides around-the-clock access.

Helping students learn to manage their money
Learning to deal with money is an important life skill. To help students improve their money-management ability, the Student Money Management Team—a group of students, faculty and staff from across campus—is discussing a number of ways to provide students with financial tools and information to help them better plan, budget and manage their financial resources.

In addition, a Web site is being developed to guide students and their families in preparing useful budgets. A variety of University programs designed for incoming students to those about to graduate will also now include this student money-management component.

A smooth transition
It’s not too early for students and their families to begin planning a budget and adding funds to the BG1 Card if they wish to use it for purchases. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this convenient, safe and quick way of making purchases on campus.

April 9, 2007