BG Best winners Stephen Kendall and Mary Beth Zachary (not pictured: Duane Whitmire)

BG Best winners Stephen Kendall and Mary Beth Zachary (not pictured: Duane Whitmire)

Kendall, Whitmire, Zachary are 'BG Best'

One current and two former chairs of Administrative Staff Council are this year’s BG Best award recipients.

Honored at the council’s April 10 spring reception were Stephen Kendall, current ASC co-chair and director of the Student Technology Center; Dr. Duane Whitmire, director of Student Money Management Services, and Mary Beth Zachary, head of Access Services at Jerome Library. Each received a $100 cash award and “the bird”—a Zuni owl statue.

Their nominations were based on one or more of five criteria, including:
• Implementation of a new idea or program to benefit the BGSU community;
• Improvement of programs and/or services on the Bowling Green or Firelands campus;
• Demonstration of outstanding commitment to BGSU through voluntary involvement in campus/community activities;
• Provision of excellent customer service to the campus community, and
• Demonstration of exemplary commitment to BGSU’s core values.

Kendall works “always with the core values as his foundation,” according to his nominator and ASC co-chair Laura Emch, associate director of Student Financial Aid.

Also the council chair in 206-07, Kendall has performed his duties “with exceptional professionalism and countless overtime hours,” Emch said in her letter of nomination. “He has devoted himself to the betterment of administrative staff members and our BGSU community, and has represented us with refinement and skill.”

“His leadership style has promoted harmony and good working relationships with other constituent groups,” Emch added. “His presentations to various campus groups are well spoken, solidly researched, and well received. Steve is called upon across campus for his expertise and freely provides it whenever called to represent us.”

“His global perspective on issues, including his knowledge of and participation in a large cross section of BGSU and BG city activities, provides ASC with a leader who is comfortable discussing and representing ASC’s position with any constituent group, board of trustee member or BG city affiliate.”

Whitmire, who chaired the council 10 years ago, was nominated not only for his commitment to the core values, but also for his role in implementing the new Student Money Management Services (SMMS) program.

Within roughly one year, the retired BGSU administrator “researched, conceptualized and launched” the program, noted his nominator, Patricia Donnelly, financial services educator for SMMS.

Among his achievements with the service, she said, have been:
• “Consistent and persistent” efforts to market it on and off campus;
• Sponsorship of the first “Smart Money” regional conference, reaching out to local high school students in preparation for a state mandate to include personal financial education in their curricula by 2010;
• Development of a format for individual financial education sessions with BGSU students;
• Assistance in creation of the service’s Web site——and
• Co-creation of the first “Falconomics” group seminars to address students’ personal financial issues.

“He doesn’t need to be here. He wants to be here,” wrote Donnelly about Whitmire, who retired in 2004 after 29 years at BGSU and 36 years in education overall. “Without his dedication and enthusiasm for students at BGSU, we would clearly be ‘in the red’ in what we have to offer to students.”

Emch also nominated Zachary, calling the 2000-01 ASC chair “a major example” of the BGSU core values in action. “She practices these values in all her endeavors, and provides guidance and leadership in helping others to achieve these goals in a humanistic approach,” according to the nomination letter.

“Mary Beth, who seeks no recognition and is most humble, is often sought out by her colleagues for support and perspective on issues,” Emch continued. “She provides her insight with a straightforward approach, but always listens, appreciates, and considers opinions in any subject. She never loses sight of our core mission and the promotion of the welfare of our students.”

In addition to praising Zachary’s “commitment and devotion” to serving ASC, Emch pointed out her colleague’s 1999 induction into Omicron Delta Kappa, “the most prestigious collegiate leadership honor society in the nation,” and her recognition by BGSU’s Graduate Student Senate in 2006—along with other administrative staff—for efforts to foster discussion about the “bursarables” and Dunbridge projects on campus.

Zachary has also been recognized for her involvement in the creation and servicing of OhioLink, the statewide online library network, Emch said. “The implementation of this great new program benefited the entire BGSU learning community,” she explained, “with prestige for BGSU, enhanced quality of BGSU programs and services, and excellent customer service.”

April 14, 2008