Diana Shamp

Diana Shamp (right) beams after being presented the Outstanding Service Award by Becky Lentz-Paskvan.

Diana Shamp, Postal Services team honored for excellence

A well-respected employee and a team known for its excellence in service were honored by Classified Staff Council April 19 at its annual spring reception.

Diana Shamp, benefits officer in Human Resources, received the Outstanding Service Award. She received a check for $1,000, a plaque and a reserved parking spot for a year. The Postal Services team of Cheryl Bookenberger, Carol Drummer, Cindy Diller, Jim Stencil, Tom Talarico and Larry White was presented the CSC Team Award. They will share a $1,500 cash award and received a plaque.

Outstanding Service Award
Shamp, who retired in January after 37 years with BGSU, returned part time in March. “Even after 37 years of working in benefits, which is confidential, sensitive, frustrating and requires much patience, Diana is still committed to this institution and loves her job enough to return,” wrote colleagues Kelly Stewart and Terri Shaller.

Shamp was cited for her complete professionalism in a sometimes difficult job, coupled with extreme compassion for those who come to her office. “Diana deals with happy situations such as births of babies and retirements. She has also dealt with difficult terminal illness diagnosis, loss of a spouse and loss of a child,” wrote her nominators. Shamp somehow manages to find the right words to comfort, reassure, calm down or otherwise take care of whatever need is presented, they said, always with a high level of respect and care for the individual. This attitude has earned her the trust of employees and her colleagues alike.

She has taken the same care when dealing with BGSU Firelands employees, said Firelands supervisor Joetta Crupi. Shamp always came to Firelands to share information, she said. “No matter how long it took to answer our questions, Diana never felt there was a rush to leave. . . . We have all become accustomed to depending on Diana for the most recent and accurate information,” she said.

According to University Treasurer Gaylyn Finn, Shamp has not only worked diligently with all factions to find solutions to complex health, life (insurance) and retirement programs, she has also stepped into a managerial role on a number of occasions and has taken on many new responsibilities over the years, “regularly going beyond what is requested of her in helping others.”

Her professionalism is also appreciated by outside agencies. Matthew Snyder and Michael Landolt of ING Financial Advisers, which offers voluntary retirement plans at BGSU, wrote that she is “efficient, knowledgeable and competent. Her personality and disposition have made her a joy to work with.”

Shamp is an invaluable member of the human resources staff. “Her ability to make one see the positive side, or a better solution, is a priceless ability to possess,” Stewart and Shaller wrote. “She is what keeps this office moving forward in a positive direction.”

Postal Services staff members
Postal Services staff members (left to right) Carol Drummer, Cindy Diller, Jim Stencil, Larry White, Cheryl Bookenberger and Tom Talarico won the CSC Team Award.

CSC Team Award
The University community might be surprised to learn that the BGSU Postal Services staff handles an average 3 million pieces of mail a year. They sort, process and deliver it, often using their knowledge of the campus to find the correct address for improperly labeled mail or hand delivering late arrivals of Express Mail from the U.S. Postal Service, according to nominator Troy Lacey.

“During times of student employee shortages, our carriers will assist in sorting and delivering student mail to the dorms and Greek units,” Lacey wrote. The mail clerks will often call departments to present options for speed of delivery or possible cost savings, or to ensure that mail is not rejected for noncompliance with U.S. mailing regulations.

All Postal Services staff are cross-trained in other areas, and frequently are called upon to perform other duties outside their regular routines. They help set up for events and regularly work at Stampers Mail and Copy Center. “Postal services employees are very giving with their time, knowledge and expertise and they take pride in a job well done,” said Lacey.

Like the proverbial mailman, they deliver campus mail through rain, sleet and snow, and are punctual, courteous and helpful, Lacey noted. Though not always the most glamorous of jobs, he said, it is “the backbone on which all other departments depend every day.”

Scholarships presented
Among the employee winners of CSC scholarships were (left to right) Sara McLaughlin, Counseling Center; Lisa Bowen, Student Health Service; Carol Schermbeck-Horine, military science, and Lisa Tatham, Jerome Library. Not pictured: Kerry Foster, Office of the Executive Vice President, and Chad Warner, Bowen-Thompson Student Union.

Scholarships presented
In addition to the awards, CSC presented 13 scholarships of $250 each to classified staff members and their dependents.

Employees receiving awards were: Lisa Bowen, Student Health Service; Kerry Foster, Office of the Executive Vice President; Sara McLaughlin, Counseling Center; Carol Schermbeck-Horine, military science; Lisa Tatham, Jerome Library, and Chad Warner, Bowen-Thompson Student Union.

Children of classified staff members who received CSC scholarships gather with their parents.
Children of classified staff members who received CSC scholarships gather with their parents.

Dependents who received scholarships and their parents were: Erin Bechstein, daughter of Kathryn Bechstein, higher education and student affairs; Eric Bennett, son of Deborah Bennett, BGSU Firelands; Kylee Bostelman, daughter of Marsha Bostelman, biological sciences; Zackery Fletcher, son of Pam Fletcher, Student Financial Aid; Katherine Grolle, daughter of Mary Grolle, union; Terica Lowery, daughter of Deb Lowery, bursar’s office, and Nicholas Schroeder, son of Stacie Enriquez, parking and traffic.

Also at the reception, a ceremonial gavel was presented to outgoing CSC Chair Lorrie Sawaie, and Judy Hagemann was announced as incoming chair.

April 23, 2007