April 24, 2006

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Sue Frost
Sue Frost reacts to being named classified staff Outstanding Employee of 2006

Classified staff celebrates end of year with awards, recognitions

Classified Staff Council honored the dedication and service of BGSU employees at its annual awards ceremony April 20. Winning the Outstanding Employee Award was Sue Frost, administrative secretary for the Center for Archival Collections. The Team Award went to the parking and traffic staff. Also at the ceremony, classified employee and dependent scholarships were presented.

President Sidney Ribeau described the past year as at once “high-energy, demanding, successful, invigorating and draining.” Thanking classified staff for its contributions, he said that, “for the most part, the goals and targets we’ve set for this year have been accomplished.”

Outstanding Employee Award
Sue Frost has that rare combination of personal qualities that makes her the ideal candidate for the Outstanding Employee Award, according to her nominators.

She is at once warm and friendly, a trusted confidant, optimistic and outgoing yet extraordinarily detail-oriented and willing to tackle the most tedious jobs. A problem solver and mediator, she is nonetheless unafraid to speak out for what she feels is right and fair.

Team Award
Parking is an issue that can “make or break” a person’s experience with any institution, and BGSU is fortunate to have a parking and traffic staff who work hard to ensure that employees, students and visitors alike are accommodated safely and efficiently.

It is their history of dealing with this enormous task in a professional and friendly manner that has earned the staff this year’s Team Award.

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