Trustees promote 22 tenure-track faculty

Eleven BGSU faculty members were promoted to full professor and 11 others received tenure and promotion to associate professor at the board of trustees’ April 23 meeting.

Among the faculty promoted to full professor were two each from the sociology department—Drs. Susan Brown and Laura Sanchez—and the School of Communication Studies—Drs. Radhika Gajjala and Lara Lengel.

Others promoted to full professor were John Balistreri, School of Art; Dr. Alexander Izzo, mathematics and statistics; Dr. Daniel Jacobson, philosophy; Dr. Stephen Langendorfer, School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies; Dr. Roger Schupp, music performance studies; Dr. Todd Waggoner, technology systems, and Colleen Boff, library teaching and learning.

Another associate professor, Matthew Davis in the School of Art, was granted tenure by the trustees.

Receiving tenure along with promotion to associate professor were, by college:
College of Arts and Sciences—Dr. Candace Archer, political science; Dr. Victoria Ekstrand, School of Communication Studies; Dr. Enrique Gomezdelcampo, School of Earth, Environment and Society; Dr. Jeremy Wallach, popular culture, and Daniel Williams, theatre and film.

College of Business Administration—Dr. Christopher Rump, applied statistics and operations research.

College of Education and Human Development—Drs. Tracy Huziak-Clark and Sharon Subreenduth, both in the School of Teaching and Learning.

College of Health and Human Services—Dr. Melissa Burek, human services.

BGSU Firelands—Dr. Katharine Dailey, humanities.

College of Musical Arts—Dr. Sandra Stegman, music education.

Also at the April 23 meeting, the trustees promoted 20 non-tenure-track faculty, including nine from lecturer to senior lecturer and 11 from instructor to lecturer.

New senior lecturers are Lynn Campbell, Dr. Philip Dickinson, Julie Haught, Rona Klein and Theresa Williams, all in English, and at BGSU Firelands, Dr. Jolene Buehrer and Linda Hamaide, both in humanities, and Mona Burke and Roddy Roark, both in applied sciences.

Promoted to lecturer were Dayna Herrington, English; Dr. James Pfundstein, romance and classical studies; Jeffrey Sharp, Jeffery Hall, Laney Fugett and Jodi Hagg, all in visual communication and technology education; and at BGSU Firelands, Martin Anderson and Rachelle Hippler, both in applied sciences; Patricia Antonelli, humanities, and William Huepenbecker and Alyson Wilson, both in natural and social sciences.

April 27, 2009