BGSU promotes 26 faculty members

The board of trustees on May 2 promoted 11 faculty members to full professor and 15 others to associate professor.

One faculty member promoted to full professor, Dr. Hassan Rajaei of the computer science department, was also granted tenure by the trustees, as were 14 of those promoted to associate professor.

Also among the 11 who have now reached the rank of full professor are two from the history department—Dr. Scott Martin, the department chair, and Dr. Lillian Ashcraft-Eason.

Others promoted to full professor were Dr. Carlo Celli, romance and classical studies; Dr. Patricia Sharp, psychology; Dr. Andreas Nicolaou, accounting and management information systems; Dr. Lynn Darby, School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies; Dr. Jodi Haney, School of Teaching and Learning; Dr. Patricia Kubow, School of Leadership and Policy Studies; Dr. Charles Keil, environmental health, and Elizabeth Wood, library teaching and learning.

Receiving tenure along with promotion to associate professor were, by college:
College of Arts and Sciences—Dr. Joseph Chao, computer science; Dr. H. Casey Cromwell, psychology; Dr. Judith Edminster, English; Dr. Raymond Larsen, biological sciences; Dr. Rekha Mirchandani, sociology; Dr. Diem Nguyen, mathematics and statistics; Dr. Susana Peña, ethnic studies, and Dr. Theodore Rippey, German, Russian and East Asian languages.

College of Education and Human Development—Drs. Timothy Murnen and Nancy Patterson, both School of Teaching and Learning, and Dr. David Stodden, School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies. Also promoted to associate professor in the college was Dr. Audrey Ellenwood, School of Intervention Services.

College of Musical Arts—Drs. Per Broman and Nora Engebretsen, both musicology/composition/theory.

College of Technology—Dr. Paul Cesarini, visual communication and technology education.

May 5, 2008