Bill Frack (center) is applauded by President Ribeau (right) and others at the announcement of Frack’s donation for a new basketball court.

Bill Frack (center) is applauded by President Ribeau (right) and others at the announcement of Frack's donation for a new basketball court.

60-year passion for BGSU basketball prompts gift for new court

For 60 years, BGSU men’s basketball has provided William “Bill” Frack plenty of memorable games and a sense of community. In appreciation of a lifetime of enjoyment, the Findlay resident has given $2 million to Intercollegiate Athletics for a new basketball court.

The gift, for what will be called Bill Frack Court, was announced April 29 during the Falcon Club annual reception.

Frack’s first BGSU basketball game was in 1948 when he was 12 years old. His father George, a longtime Findlay teacher, had taken a job with the Ohio Department of Education with assignments at the University. His father suggested that Bowling Green might have some good basketball to watch.

“Right away, I knew I was on to something,” Frack said, recalling the excitement he felt watching the games as a young child. His BGSU connection has endured for 60 seasons. During that time, he has attended most home games, missing only a handful, usually for weather-related reasons. He’s even traveled with the team to watch games in Blacksburg, Va., and Green Bay, Wis., as well as Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Chile.

“Bill is a devoted fan of BGSU men’s basketball. He has demonstrated his commitment to the program by attending the games throughout his life and building relationships with coaches, players and fans,” said President Sidney A. Ribeau. “This leadership gift for the court in the new convocation center is a true testament to his belief in the program.”

Frack watched games in the former Men’s Gymnasium and in the current facility in Memorial Hall before the arena was named Anderson Arena in honor of the legendary Harold Anderson, who coached the Falcons from 1942-63. He has known most of the coaches over the years and been acquainted with many of the players.

This gift for the court in the planned Stroh Center is important to the program, and thus is important to him. “I’ve watched a lot of memorable games here,” Frack said.

“Bill has a lifelong love for BGSU basketball. He’s watched more than four decades of games in Anderson Arena and now he’s helping turn the vision of a new facility into reality,” said Greg Christopher, BGSU athletics director. “It is fulfilling to work with a person like Bill—someone who cares deeply about Bowling Green and wants to make a lasting impact on the future of the institution.”

“This is my one chance to help the program out in a good way,” Frack explained, joking that he probably will not be around the next time a basketball facility is built. However, this is not his sole gift to BGSU; just as his attendance has been consistent over the years, so has his financial support of the basketball team.

May 5, 2008