Faculty Reception

(Shown left to right) Drs. Amy Gordon, William Obenour, Awad Ibrahim and Jean Gerard celebrate at the reception for faculty granted tenure and promotion.

Faculty granted tenure, promotion

At the May 5 meeting, the BGSU Board of Trustees granted tenure and promotion to a number of faculty. Following is a list, by college, of those included.

Five people were appointed as full professors with tenure .
College of Arts and Sciences—Dr. Peter Lu, Ohio Board of Regents Eminent Scholar in photochemistry, and Dr. Timothy Messer-Kruse, the incoming chair of ethnic studies.

Dr. Amelia Carr
Dr. Janet Hartley (right), chair of the management department, chats with Dr. Amelia Carr, who received tenure in the department.
College of Business Administration—Dr. Rodney Rogers, the new dean and a faculty member in accounting and management information systems, and Dr. Hokey Min, the James R. Good Chair of Global Strategy, management.

College of Health and Human Services—Dr. Ronald Scherer, communication disorders.

Six faculty were promoted to full professor : Dr. Julie Barnes, computer science; Dr. Kristine Blair, English; Dr. Felix Castellano, chemistry; Bradford Clark, theatre and film, and Drs. Steven Cornelius and Mary Natvig, musicology/composition/theory.

Those receiving tenure and promotion to associate professor were :
College of Arts and Sciences—Dr. Pavel Anzenbacher, chemistry; Drs. Juan Bés and Warren McGovern, mathematics and statistics; Dr. Jonathan Chambers, theatre and film; Drs. Stephen Demuth and Gary Oates, sociology; Dr. Albert Dzur, political science; Heather Elliott-Famularo and Gregory Little, art; Dr. Anne Gordon, psychology; Drs. Beth Griech-Polelle and Walter Grunden, history; Dr. David Jackson, political science; Drs. Karen Johnson-Webb and Kefa Otiso, geography; Dr. Edgar Landgraf, German, Russian and East Asian languages; Dr. Kurt Panter, geology; Dr. Deborah Houk Schocket, romance languages; Dr. Bruno Ullrich, physics and astronomy, and Dr. John Warren, School of Communication Studies.

College of Business Administration—Drs. Earl McKinney and David Stott, accounting and management information systems.

College of Education and Human Development—Drs. Ellen Broido, Awad Ibrahim and Maureen Wilson, School of Leadership and Policy Studies; Drs. John Fischer and Nancy Fordham, School of Teaching and Learning; Drs. Jean Gerard, Laura Landry-Meyer and Jacqueline Roe, School of Family and Consumer Sciences; Drs. John McMillen, Amy Morgan and William Obenour II, School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies, and Dr. William Morrison, School of Intervention Services.

Firelands College—Dr. Ruth Steinbrunner, humanities.

College of Health and Human Services—Dr. Alexander Goberman, communication disorders; Drs. Jeff Holcomb and Nancy Orel, human services, and Dr. Hailu Kassa, public and allied health.

College of Musical Arts—Dr. Elainie Lillios, musicology/composition/theory, and Dr. Jane Schoonmaker Rodgers, music performance studies.

College of Technology—Dr. Alan Atalah, technology systems.

Promoted to associate professor was Mary Wrighten, University Libraries.

Granted tenure were: Dr. Amelia Carr, management; Dr. William Skoog, music performance studies, and Dr. Anne Leser, humanities, BGSU Firelands.
May 8, 2006