Campus to 'migrate' to integrated calendars, email

This week, BGSU account holders will see the completion of the next step in the Exchange Project, providing email and calendaring as an integrated system for the campus community. In preparation for the upcoming switch to Exchange calendaring, which will replace Meeting Maker, campus users are advised of a few important points, according to Information Technology Services (ITS).

The campus is undergoing a shift from the use of BGNet for email and Meeting Maker for calendaring. Plans are under way for users to be migrated to Exchange email by June 30, when BGNet will be retired, and from Meeting Maker to Exchange calendaring by May 19.

“With Exchange, we will have an integrated system,” said Cindy Fuller, ITS communications coordinator. “One advantage is that users will only have to log in once to use both their email and calendar.” Also, with calendars and email in Exchange, users can set up their desktops to display both windows side by side.

The calendaring move to Exchange will occur between 5 p.m. Thursday (May 15), when Meeting Maker will shut down, and 8 a.m. next Monday, May 19, when all account holders may begin to access calendars from the Exchange system. Resource accounts (used to schedule rooms, equipment, etc.) will also be migrated during this time. In preparation for the change, all Meeting Maker account holders have been or will be scheduled for migration to Exchange by Thursday.

In addition to all data for the future, one year of past data will be migrated automatically, along with events, banners, notes and invitees. As a backup, Fuller recommends that users create a printed copy of their calendar as close to Thursday as possible.

Proxies cannot be migrated automatically, so users will need to set up calendar sharing manually in Exchange. Documentation on how to accomplish this is provided on the ITS Self-Help pages.
For sharing calendars in Outlook 2007, visit
For sharing calendars in Entourage 2008, visit
Those using handheld devices to synchronize their calendars will need to make some modifications to their setup after the migration is complete, Fuller said. Documentation on how to do that will also be available at the ITS Self-Help pages link Additionally, Technology Support Specialists will be available during the days following the migration to provide assistance. To request their support, contact the Technology Support Center at 2-0999, or

Continuing and Extended Education is offering training sessions for both email and calendaring. A schedule of sessions is posted on the CEE Web site at

Meanwhile, individual email accounts are being migrated to Exchange (Entourage for Macintosh computers, Outlook 2007 for PCs). Faculty and staff are being scheduled for migration by department and area. Office accounts will not migrate until June, Fuller said. Students may use the volunteer form on MyBGSU to request the transition of their accounts to the new system. With the move to Exchange, they will also have calendaring.

Questions about the Exchange migration (calendaring and email) may be directed to the Exchange Project Team at

The Exchange Project Web page is The Meeting Maker migration Web page is

May 12, 2008