May 19, 2008

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Look Ahead

Ribeau urges campus to maintain focus; changeover processes in development

As the campus adjusts to President Ribeau’s upcoming departure from BGSU for Howard University this summer, processes are under way to name an interim president and begin the search for Ribeau’s successor.

While these processes are being set in motion, President Ribeau assures the campus that he remains strongly committed to BGSU and will assist the board of trustees in any way it deems appropriate in the changeover. To assure a smooth transition, he will continue at BGSU through the end of July. A date for a sendoff celebration will be determined.

Michael Marsh, president of the board of trustees, announced that a committee has been formed and will move quickly to name an interim president. Trustees Stephanie Imhoff, John Moore, Debra Ryan and Robert Sebo are screening names of potential candidates and will present the results of their work at a special meeting of the entire board on June 6.


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More News

Goldwater Scholar ‘digs’ bones
“I’ve wanted to be a paleontologist since I was four or five years old,” says Ben Linzmeier, a geology major with a concentration in paleobiology. With support from a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, Linzmeier can focus entirely on his studies next year.

Business college forging ties with Chinese universities
New doors are opening for BGSU business students and faculty in China.

BGSU historian’s book examines contradictory portrayal of women
Dr. Scott Martin, history, examines cultural attitudes about women in his recently published book, Devil of the Domestic Sphere: Temperance, Gender, and Middle-class Ideology, 1800-1860.

New campus newsletter to debut next week
Check your inbox on Wednesday for a new online publication-@BG- geared exclusively to BGSU faculty and staff.

Trustees present scholarships to two undergraduates, one graduate student
This year, the University trustees have chosen to honor three students with the prestigious Board of Trustees Leadership Scholarship.