2006 W. Heinlen Hall Lectureship to focus on polymers

Polymer chemist Dr. Andrew Holmes of the University of Melbourne will deliver this year’s W. Heinlen Hall Lecture Series June 5-8. The inaugural VESKI Fellow at the Bio21 Institute at Melbourne and a Fellow at CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies, Holmes is a prize-winning researcher.

Dr. Andrew Holmes
Dr. Andrew Holmes
Holmes’ research interests span applications of synthesis to problems in materials science and biology. He has been particularly interested in polymers for electronics applications and is a co-founder of Cambridge Display Technology, a company that is exploiting light-emitting polymers.

Born in Melbourne in 1943, he earned his Ph.D. at University College London in 1971. He was appointed as assistant lecturer at Cambridge in 1972. In 1994, he became director of the Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis and was appointed professor of organic and polymer chemistry in 1998. In September 2004 he became professor of organic and polymer chemistry at Imperial College, and in October 2004 was given leave to be seconded as an Australian Research Council Federation Fellow and to join the Bio21 Institute.

At BGSU, Holmes will give four lectures, each from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in 123 Overman Hall. His topics will be as follows:
  • June 5—“Seeing the Light with Polymers”
  • June 6—”Synthesis and Processing in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide”
  • June 7—“Pericyclic Processes in the Synthesis of Biologically Important Heterocycles”
  • June 8—“Probing Downstream Intracellular Signalling Processes with Inositol Phospholipids”

The lectureship was created by the chemistry department in 1975 to honor Dr. W. Heinlen Hall, a professor of chemistry from 1936-76 who, as chair of the department until 1971, led it through extraordinary growth and expansion. The weeklong series, which has drawn acclaimed scholars and leading research chemists, allows students and faculty to learn from and interact with cutting-edge investigators at the frontiers of chemistry research.
May 22, 2006