Schocket’s book on corporate power wins state history award

A book by Dr. Andrew M. Schocket, history, is the 2008 winner of the Ohio Academy of History Outstanding Publication Award. Founding Corporate Power in Early National Philadelphia, published by Northern Illinois University Press, was the unanimous choice of the academy’s award committee, made up of four professors from universities and colleges in Ohio. 

Dr. Andrew Schocket

Published in January 2007, Founding Corporate Power is a study in which Schocket analyzes the establishment, growth and operations of both commercial and municipal corporations in the nation’s premier city. Between 1780 and 1830, corporations sprang up to provide water, transportation and financial institutions for the citizens of Philadelphia. An elite group of entrepreneurs controlled these corporations, but Schocket argues they generated widespread prosperity by offering services that allowed middle-class businessmen to flourish. This mixed legacy resulted in ambivalence toward U.S. corporations to this day.

The award was announced at the academy’s annual spring meeting, at Wright State University in Dayton. Academy President Ken Heineman, speaking on behalf of the Publication Award Committee, said of Schocket’s book, “This is a finely written and researched work in an understudied field. His ability to make a potentially dry topic into an engaging work points the way toward a promising career.”

Schocket‘s teaching and research focus on the American Revolution, colonial North America and the Atlantic World. In addition to Founding Corporate Power, his work includes essays published in the Journal of the Early Republic, Enterprise & Society, and Reviews in American History. He addressed "American Corporate Power: Like So Many Other Things, It's in the Founding," on the History News Network in 2007 (Visit

He has served as a member of the national steering committee of the History News Service and has directed a student-researched, public-policy history project officially commended by the Speaker of the Ohio House. His current projects include a book that reframes the American Revolution and a biography of Boston King, one of the founders of Sierra Leone.

Schocket’s award-winning book may be purchased online at

May 27, 2008