Dr. Larry Smith

Dr. Larry Smith

Firelands author Larry Smith publishes ‘A River Remains’

Dr. Larry Smith, a professor emeritus of English and director of the Writing Center at BGSU Firelands, has published his eighth book of poetry, A River Remains: Poems.

The themes of Smith's new poems include his working-class background, family and bout with prostate cancer. He says, "I'm at an age when my life seems a part of history, yet I want to remain alive to the moment and be in the here and now."

Poet Diane Gilliam Fisher says of the new book, "Many of us know Larry Smith as a working-class poet, and in A River Remains he sets out to do what Rilke calls ‘perhaps the most difficult of all talks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation—the work of love.’ These poems look straight at the things we are most afraid of, and treat them with tenderness. This book is a lesson in saying yes to life."

Dr. Joel Rudinger, a professor emeritus of English, comments, "It is in the small quiet moments that life gives up its meaning, and no one captures the gentle undercurrent of the bliss of life better than Larry Smith. His poems are personal and modest, yet they radiate a universal voice. We can say when we have read his poems that here is a man who lives a deep and watchful life, a man who cares much."

Smith has also published two books of fiction, three literary biographies and a book of memoirs (Milldust and Roses), and has written two film scripts for documentaries on Ohio poets James Wright and Kenneth Patchen. As a reviewer and editor, he has edited six anthologies for Bottom Dog Press and acted as managing editor of 15 volumes of Heartlands magazine. He is a member of the Academy of American Poets and a recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Fellowship for criticism.
He and his wife, Ann, are both from Mingo Junction, Ohio, in the industrial Ohio River Valley, and have lived in Huron since 1970.

A River Remains: Poems is available through the WordTech Communications catalog at

June 26, 2006