July 9, 2007

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Dr. Larry Hatch and student Eric Gang (seated) work on a new virtual reality project called “The Alamo: A Pocket Virtual World.”

Dr. Larry Hatch and student Eric Gang (seated) work on a new virtual reality project called “The Alamo: A Pocket Virtual World.”

BGSU digital media devotees taking ‘virtual worlds’ to Europe

Travelers from BGSU will be taking a lot of pictures during a study abroad experience in Europe over the next year. But many of the photos won’t go into albums as mere mementos, but will be used instead to help take other people where they might not otherwise be able to go.

It’s all courtesy of a technology, Pocket Virtual Worlds, that allows for navigation of virtual environments not while sitting at a computer but while actually walking around and exploring them. Photos create panoramas in which people can navigate by using a personal digital assistant (PDA).

The technology’s co-developer is Dr. Larry Hatch, chair of visual communication and technology education. Hatch and four of the undergraduate and graduate students in his Digital Media Research Group leave July 18 for a European stay based in Salzburg, Austria. There, they will work with peers at the University of Applied Sciences (“Fachhochschule”).

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Miller book traces streams of legal philosophy from ancients to Middle Ages
A History of the Philosophy of Law from the Ancient Greeks to the Scholastics, a new book edited by Dr. Fred Miller Jr., executive director of BGSU’s Social Philosophy and Policy Center, traces the historical development of legal thought, elucidating the origins of the modern philosophy of law in ancient and medieval philosophy.

Hammond takes helm of education college
Dr. Rosalind Hammond has been appointed interim dean of the College of Education and Human Development, effective July 1.

New officers elected for BGSU's student government
New officers of Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Graduate Student Senate (GSS) are in place for the coming academic year.

'Nunsense: the Mega Musical' brings hilarity to Huron Playhouse
The Huron Playhouse stages “Nunsense: The Mega Musical,” the latest in the musical comedy series, this Tuesday-Saturday (July 10-14) at the McCormick School in Huron.

Monitor takes summer hiatus
Monitor will return July 30 following a two-week break in publication.