Nine-digit ZIP Code System in Place

As part of an effort to update BGSU's mail-processing operation and to provide for faster, more accurate delivery of inbound mail, the University is implementing a nine-digit ZIP code system for all areas. The nine-digit ZIP codes are accessible by clicking on "Postal Services" under Quick Links on the BGSU home page, or by going to the Postal Services Web site:

The first five digits of each code will be 43403, followed by a unique four-digit code for each department. These four digits are referred to as the mail location code. Using mail location codes will allow for significantly faster sorting of incoming mail than under the present system. It will also improve the accuracy of the sorting and delivery process.

Although the University began using some nine-digit ZIP codes in 1989, many departments have since stopped using them, some departments have been closed, others have moved to different buildings and some new departments have been created without a nine-digit ZIP code. Some departments are still using their nine-digit ZIP codes as assigned in 1989. With the new list, every effort has been made to retain the existing codes where practicable but, in some cases, a change has been necessary.

To achieve faster, more accurate delivery of inbound mail, departments are asked to begin notifying their correspondents to use their nine-digit ZIP code. Departments should also include their nine-digit ZIP code the next time they order stationery and envelopes. The new online stationery-ordering site, through Office Depot, accommodates nine-digit ZIP codes.
July 18, 2005