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Communication Studies.
• Instructor (Interpersonal Communication). Call Julie Burke, 2-8725. Deadline: Aug. 3.
• Assistant Professor (Public Relations). Call Victoria Ekstrand, 2-8725. Deadline: Oct. 2.
• Assistant Professor (Media Economics). Call Gi Woong Yun, 2-8725. Deadline: Oct. 16.
• Assistant Professor (Cultural Communications). Call Lynda Dee Dixon, 2-8725. Deadline: Dec. 1.

Finance. Assistant Professor. Call Dan Klein, 2-8963. Deadline: Oct. 6.

Psychology. Assistant Professor. Call Annette Mahoney, 2-0282. Deadline: Nov. 1.

Contact the Office of Human Resources at 419-372-8421 for information regarding classified and administrative positions. Position vacancy announcements may be viewed by visiting the HR Web site at

Employees wishing to apply for these positions must sign a "Request for Transfer" form and attach an updated resume or data sheet. This information must be turned in to Human Resources by the job deadline.

On-campus classified:

Off-campus classified:


July 31, 2006