Campus marks retirement of classified, administrative staff

The University will be starting the new academic year without a number of employees who have retired since January. The campus community wishes them well in this next phase of their lives and will honor them at a tea Nov. 27 in Mileti Alumni Center.

Administrative staff retirees
Florence Klopfenstein, dining services, retired Dec. 31. She joined the University in 1984.

Retiring in January were Gene Palmer, registration and records, who was hired in 1993, and Carol White, alumni and development, who was hired in 1977.

Janice Peterson, continuing and extended education, retired in June. She had been with BGSU since 1974.

And Cheryl Takata, marketing and communications, retired July 31. She had worked at the University since 1985.

Classified staff retirees

Classified staff who retired in January—and the year they joined BGSU—included:
Candace Bucher, Information Technology Services, December 1978; Joyce Chamberlain, human resources, February 1977; Douglas Cook, facilities services, July 1978; Marie Derkis, geography, August 1976; Jacqueline Krassow, facilities services, January 1977; Ruth Maas, Student Health Service, October 1979; Letha McCartney, postal services, October 1979; Judith Miller, Health Center, August 1995; Jean Panning, University athletics, June 1977; Diana Shamp, human resources, September 1969; Paul Standering, shuttle service, March 2001; Robert Whitman, facilities services, October 1975, and Mary Lou Willmarth, University Libraries, November 1974.

March retirees included:
Pamela Carnahan, Student Recreation Center, March 1977; Douglas Scott, facilities services, May 1973, and Nancy Shrider, registration and records, December 1982.

May retirees:
Elizabeth Hofer, University Libraries, June 1982, and Kathryn Vollmar, facilities services, October 1980.

June retirees:
Mary McGowan, English, January 1985, and William Slade, parking services, April 1999.

July retirees:
Linda Glomski, School of Communication Studies, September 1973; Jodi Laubis, Student Recreation Center, June 1976; Patricia Stavish, Student Financial Aid, September 1983. From BGSU Firelands, Karen Munsterman, with 16 years of service, and Lisa Freitas, with 30 years.

August retirees:
Sharon Apple, registration and records, February 1983, and Janet Cavanaugh, facilities services, hired in 1990.

August 13, 2007