August 15, 2005

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Researchers study yellow perch
A team of BGSU graduate and undergraduate researchers study yellow perch in Lake Erie.

Bones tell the story BGSU researchers study Lake Erie sport fish

A small bone in the heads of fish could reveal to researchers where important sport and commercial fish have spawned and where they are spending their adult lives.

BGSU biologists and geologists are collaborating on a study of yellow perch in Lake Erie to see if the otolith—a small bone that helps fish maintain their balance—is a reliable source of encoded information on their spawning and migratory habits. The results could help the Ohio Department of Natural Resources focus its conservation and management efforts on the critical habitats of yellow perch and other sport fish such as walleye, white bass and smallmouth bass.

Through a three-year grant from the Ohio Sea Grant program of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for nearly $270,000 in total funding, Dr. John Farver, geology, and Dr. Jeffrey Miner, biology, have devised a series of experiments in the lake and laboratory to look for a chemical signature in yellow perch otoliths.



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Regional development center looks to extend its collaborative reach
Director Michael Carroll and the Center for Regional Development are looking to expand the center's collaborative efforts well beyond BGSU and even the northwest Ohio region.

Faculty, staff assume new roles
As always, the new academic year brings some changes in leadership across campus.

Tunisian journalism professor to be Fulbright Scholar here
The School of Communication Studies welcomes Dr. Fatma Azouz of Tunisia as a Fulbright Scholar this fall.

New MyBGSU makes its debut today
The new MyBGSU was launched today, and users can immediately begin taking advantage of all the services and information offered by the customizable campus enterprise portal.

Opening day address to set tone for new year
President Sidney Ribeau will give his annual opening day address.