Faculty, staff assume new roles

As always, the new academic year brings some changes in leadership across campus. Following is a list of some of the developments.

In the College of Arts and Sciences :
• Dr. Simon Morgan-Russell, English, has been named associate dean for student academic affairs. He replaces Dr. Vickie Shields, who has left the University.
• Dr. Kristine Blair is interim chair of the English department.
• Dr. Lou Katzner is acting chair of the philosophy department.
• Dr. Gary Lee, chair of the sociology department, will also serve this year as interim chair of ethnic studies.
• Dr. Scott Martin is the new history department chair.
• Dr. Sharona Muir, English, will direct the Creative Writing Program this year.
• Dr. Larry Dunning is the new chair of computer science.
• Dr. Oliver Boyd-Barrett is the new director of the School of Communication Studies.
• Jodi Devine is the new associate director of the University Honors Program, directed by Dr. Paul Moore, biological sciences.
• Gordon Ricketts, art, has been named director of the Arts Village.

In the College of Education and Human Development :
• Dr. Rachel Vannatta has been named interim director of the School of Leadership and Policy Studies.

In the College of Technology :
• Dr. Joseph Frizado, geology, is interim dean. Dr. Ernest Savage retired in June.

In the College of Business Administration :
• Dr. Nancy Merritt, marketing, is interim dean. Dr. Robert Edmister has returned to the finance faculty.

At BGSU Firelands :
• Dr. James M. Smith, formerly chair of the applied sciences department, has been named associate dean for outreach and engagement, a newly created position.

Also, Carrie Rathsack is the new associate director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology. The previous associate director, Connie Molnar, has become the director for Interactive Distance Education for All Learners (IDEAL), in Continuing and Extended Education.

And Dr. Michael Carroll, economics, is the new director of the Center for Regional Development, formerly the Center for Policy Analysis and Public Service.

August 15, 2005