New MyBGSU makes its debut today

The new MyBGSU was launched today, and users can immediately begin taking advantage of all the services and information offered by the customizable campus enterprise portal.

By going to the University home page and clicking on MyBGSU, the many familiar campus online services will be available, plus a number of new ones. A single login is all that is needed to enter the secure site.

Want to know what the weather is here or in another area? It’s there, in the middle column. To check out breaking news, see the CNN News column. Users can view their email and MeetingMaker, use Blackboard/eLearning, and access all the other online services BGSU offers.

Monitor and the daily Marketing and Communications emails will also be found at the site. An added bonus is that information will be separated by constituent group, so that students, faculty and staff need only receive that which is pertinent to them. Of course, everyone will continue to receive news relevant to all.

As the site is developed further, it will offer many more avenues of communication between campus audiences.

August 15, 2005