Cereal You!
Marge Stewart (left), a cashier at Chily's Express, and Amie Salyer, a senior art education major, pose with "Lucky the Leprechaun" at the debut of "Cereal You!" Aug. 25. (Photo by Aaron Stevenson)

'Silly rabbit, cereal is for students'

BGSU students had fun with “Lucky the Leprechaun” and the Trix rabbit when the two General Mills mascots visited BGSU Aug. 25 to unveil a new cereal concept called “Cereal You!” that will be available in campus convenience stores and Bowen-Thompson Student Union.

"Cereal You!" is based on the "Cereality" franchise that is being used at Arizona State and Penn State universities and in a stand-alone store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

BGSU’s version allows students to choose from 12 different types of bulk cereal and eight different toppings so that customers can create their own cereal combination. They will also have their choice of milks or they can go milk-less. Customers will use a Chinese takeout box as their "bowl" to make their cereal concoction.

Also offered will be a refill program, in which customers can purchase a large reusable container from dining services to mix and match their cereals and toppings to eat at any time.

August 29, 2005