Senior Briana Gross’s father speaks at the Democratic National Convention

Senior Briana Gross's father speaks at the Democratic National Convention.

Student’s father helps set stage for Obama

Briana Gross’s father had a front-row seat for history Aug. 28. Roy Gross, whose daughter is a BGSU senior, was among the speakers addressing the Democratic National Convention before Barack Obama accepted his party’s nomination for president at Denver’s INVESCO Field at Mile High football stadium.

A former truck driver and now recording secretary/business agent for Teamsters Local 299 in Detroit, Roy Gross had introduced Obama at a May 14 campaign event in Warren, Mich. Gross’s comments about economic hard times in Michigan apparently impressed Obama’s campaign so much that he got a call a couple weeks ago asking him to speak again in Denver.

“He was very shocked,” said Briana, a graduate of Springfield High School in Holland, Ohio, and, at BGSU, an education major in middle childhood mathematics and science. One of 20 “real people” asked by the campaign to speak during the convention, Roy Gross was allotted three minutes as one of eight speakers in an “American Voices Program” Aug. 28 in the 76,000-seat stadium.   

Another familiar face at the convention was Dr. Milt Hakel, Ohio Eminent Scholar in psychology, who attended with his wife, Lee. Though both were delegates, the Hakels were on opposite sides of the fence—he, an Obama supporter, and she in favor of Clinton. The two were captured in an Associated Press photo.

September 2, 2008