Dr. Peggy Giordano

Dr. Peggy Giordano is in the national spotlight at her interview by ‘Good Morning America.’ The segment was taped in Graduate College Dean Heinz Bulmahn’s office.

Giordano clues in the nation about boys

When it comes to the romantic feelings of adolescent boys, not much has been known until now, and there have been many misconceptions. But readers and television viewers nationwide learned the groundbreaking results of a study into those feelings when Dr. Peggy Giordano was featured in the Sept. 4 issue of Time magazine and on “Good Morning America” Aug. 28.

In an extensive article titled “The Secret Love Lives of Teenage Boys,” Time described what Giordano, a Distinguished Research Professor of sociology, and Drs. Monica Longmore and Wendy Manning, also sociology, discovered in their Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study. (See the full story in the May 15, 2006, Monitor at

As Time relates, Giordano became interested in boys’ romantic feelings when she was looking through a high school yearbook as part of another study and found surprisingly heartfelt messages from boys to girls. The results of the ensuing study appeared in the April issue of American Sociological Review, the bimonthly journal of the American Sociological Association.

She was interviewed on-campus by “Good Morning America” Aug. 17 for the Aug. 28 broadcast.

Giordano has also been quoted in the Washington Times, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Globe and Mail, and in numerous other local, national and international newspapers and online sites. She was also interviewed on HealthBeat, a radio program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. To listen to the show, click below or visit

Commenting on her sudden “media celebrity,” Giordano said, “My colleagues Wendy Manning, Monica Longmore and I have been involved in the process of collecting and analyzing these data since 1999. We are very pleased with the rapport we've built up with Toledo-area teens involved in the project, and also that our work is beginning to appear in scholarly journals.

“Still, it has been fun to work with the Time reporter and ‘GMA’ staff to communicate the results to a different, wider audience. This has also been good publicity for graduate students involved in the project, as it provides an easy way to describe to friends and relatives the kind of work that they do.”

September 4, 2006