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Scholarly conference to examine aspects of ‘Ownership and Justice’

“Ownership and Justice” will be the theme of the conference hosted by the Social Philosophy and Policy Center Sept. 18-20. Under this heading fall many issues central to political debates, from the nature and source of property rights to questions about the proper scale of taxation, government regulation and redistribution of wealth by the state. While we are in the midst of a watershed election, these issues are especially timely, say the organizers.

Dr. Gerald Gaus, James E. Rogers Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona, will give the keynote address at 8 p.m. Sept. 18. Gaus has written several books and numerous articles, and is co-editor of the journal Politics, Philosophy and Economics. His lecture is entitled “Coercion, Ownership, and the Redistributive State: Justificatory Liberalism’s Classical Tilt.”

Other prominent speakers include Drs. Jan Narveson, professor of philosophy at the University of Waterloo; George Sher, Herbert S. Autrey Professor of Philosophy, Rice University; David Schmidtz, Kendrick Professor of Philosophy and joint professor of economics, University of Arizona; and John Kekes, research professor in philosophy, State University of New York-Albany.    

For more information on the conference, contact John Milliken, program manager, at 2-2536 or


September 8, 2008