Verify your name and address in BGSU system

What’s in a name? A lot, when it comes to employee records, says Donna Wittwer, associate director of Human Resources. With the University’s recent changeover to the integrated PeopleSoft data system, it has become vital for Human Resources to have employees’ correct names and addresses on file for updating internal records and for submitting correct employee addresses to the companies administering BGSU’s benefits such as medical insurance and prescription and dental coverage.

Employees who have also been students here often are registered under different names as employee and as student, she said, and that will create confusion as the system becomes integrated. If you were registered differently as a student than as an employee, you need to visit the Office of Registration and Records to make sure your name is the same both there and at Human Resources. Then contact the benefits office to update your forms and beneficiary information.

Also, if you have been married or divorced, begun using your middle name as your first name or have taken a different name for any reason, alert Human Resources to the change as soon as possible.

The goal is to have one consistent name across University records for each employee, Wittwer said.

Another important piece of information is addresses, she added. If you have moved and have not updated your address with BGSU, you can either call Human Resources or simply go to the Change My Address link under My Faculty/Staff Services in My BGSU to make the change.

If your home address and your mailing address are the same, complete only the home address portion and select the box under Mailing Address that states they are the same.

If you have a home address that is not local and a mailing address that is local, complete both the home and mailing address sections.

Select "Submit" near the bottom of the screen to save any changes you have made. Changes will be effective the next day.

The information is only used when absolutely necessary, Wittwer assures, but will be most helpful in administering employees’ benefits.

Human Resources would like to have all information current in time for the upcoming Open Enrollment period for health care benefits. All full-time employees are required to complete a form this year even if they choose to waive benefits. Information packages will be mailed to the address the University has on file for employees, so it is very important that the office has the correct address.

October 10, 2005