Open Enrollment for health care begins next week

The annual health care insurance Open Enrollment period for full-time faculty, administrative and classified staff will be Oct. 23 through 5 p.m. Nov. 17.

If you need to make changes to your health insurance coverage, such as adding or dropping a spouse or dependent, or you have changed your marital status, name or address, you must fill out a BGSU Health Care Enrollment and Change Form.

Likewise, if your spouse has changed his or her employment or health care coverage, you must submit a form.

All information and forms are online this year—you will not receive a brochure. Forms can be downloaded, filled out and sent to the Office of Human Resources or given to a benefits representative at one of seven information sessions. Visit for everything you need.

In addition, anyone whose spouse works full time and has BGSU’s plan as his or her primary health coverage is required to submit the Working Spouse Form to Human Resources by Dec. 15. The spouse’s employer must fill out the form specifying the type and level of coverage provided and the percentage of the cost the employer pays.

If the Working Spouse Form is not submitted by Dec. 15, the spouse will be dropped from BGSU’s plan on Jan. 1, 2007.

If you are not making changes to your coverage and your spouse does not use BGSU's plan as primary coverage, you do not need to submit a form.

In addition, Sun Life Financial has been chosen to replace Unicare as the University’s life insurance provider. With the change come more options for additional coverage, plus increases in some benefit levels.

Sun Life will be sending a personalized packet of information to each full-time employee’s home detailing the new offerings. If you choose to pick up additional coverage or decide to change your beneficiary, Open Enrollment is the time to do it.

October 16, 2006